Digital Dehiscence

/dɪˈhɪsəns/, noun.

etymology: mod Lat - dehiscentia ‘quum fructus maturus semina dispergat’ (Linnæus, Philosophia botanica)

1. Gaping, opening by divergence of parts, esp. as a natural process: a. Bot. The bursting open of capsules, fruits, anthers, etc. in order to discharge their mature contents.


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#eng231 the first two sections of final exam are now available on onCourse. have at ‘em.

Samsung promising flexible, see-thru tablets/smart phones in 2012. @appleinc better step up its iScroll plans.

attn @MitTim @imanallien @hull_casey Feds Falsely Censor Music Blog, Deny Due Process, Hide Details via @Techdirt

my keyboard sucks. yours probably does too. unless it’s this one… @artlebedev

RT @theDivaLea: RT @thinkprogress Gov. Scott Walker wants to charge protesters for the pepper spray used against them

#eng231 take note: interesting piece in @techreview about what all the power of all those #bitly links

RT @EFF: Dutch Parliament says no to #ACTA secrecy! It won’t consider ACTA unless all negotiation texts are public -

TG #dataharvest: Sat 11/26 | patronize small biz | check into #foursquare | charge>$25 w/Amex | get $25 from 4square

#eng231 today’s Google doodle gives shout out to Louis Daguerre on his 224th bday.

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